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On a Mission to Improve Organization Resiliency to Critical Events and Team Productivity

about us

An idea driven by a need marks the inception of any business.

Zapoj is no different from it. Despite numerous technology advancements, 21st-century business is still facing problems in managing critical events like IT Shutdowns, Cyberattacks, Severe Weather, Pandemics, Man-made Disasters that impact business operations and productive team collaborations.

We envisioned a platform that helps businesses to succeed in identifying and managing critical events that impact their operations, people and assets whilst providing team communications and collaborations before, during and after critical events.


Zapoj is a cognitive AI-based critical event management and resolution collaboration platform engineered to minimize disruptions proactively. It ensures worldwide business continuity, safety, and faster recovery of all your employees, assets, customers, and supply chain. Zapoj is a visual comprehensive end-to-end business resiliency solution for every organization of any size.


Zsuite, a suite of critical event management services, provides a common operating picture and situation awareness of worldwide risks that may impact business operations and assets. Thus, presenting business continuity solutions like response team alerting, virtual war rooms, managing and tracking incidents to handle any crisis.


Our mission is to allow businesses to function round-the-clock during critical events and achieve more goals with combined team productivity.

Using our Zapoj platform customers are able to

Decrease the cycle times
Decrease the cycle times to identify threats, determine which business operations and people are at risk, and initiate action plans.
Proactively take actions
Proactively take actions such as rerouting people or adjusting supply chains to avoid safety risks or production/service disruptions.
Automating activation
Automating activation of IT incident response teams to deliver uninterrupted IT services your customers rely on.
Provide a common operating
Provide a common operating environment to teams to break down silos of information.
Communicate and collaborate
Communicate and collaborate with teams, no matter where they are.
Improving productivity
Improve productivity of teams and managing what Teams are working in one place.

We live by our mission, of running business round the clock and team productivity with our own company. Foundations of our company are the core values, founders’ vision and diverse team of curious, passion for technology and creative people who want to join our mission and support each other in our story.

Careers at Zapoj offer all kinds of opportunities and a more productive working life no matter where you are.


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