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CEM for Oil and Gas Industry

It is evident that there can be many risks involved in the field of Oil & Gas Industry. The world leaders in this industry have understood that supply chain resilience is key to meeting the global demand. Critical events like critical equipment failures, facility disruptions, supply chain disruptions, IT downtimes can be more predictable with CEM like Zapoj. It integrates visual risk intelligence, Location Intelligence, Internet of things, Crisis communication systems to the best of their capabilities and Leaders can use the data to mitigate operational disruptions and achieve a performance driven excellence.

CEM for Oil and Gas Industry

Critical Equipment Downtime Mitigation

Maintenance engineers or asset management leaders are fighting with the challenges due to their inability to track and monitor each part of the equipment and inefficiencies in providing visibility and control. With Zapoj CEM, oil and gas plant leaders can take location data to the next level of efficiency and capabilities to improve the accuracy of data and bring efficient asset management processes.

Critical Equipment Downtime Mitigation
Improve context and situational awareness with Zapoj CEM that helps coordinate better with the emergency team, who can gather appropriate information and match them to build their own strategy in addressing and mitigating the impacts at the earliest.
By developing visuals of vulnerabilities and identifying risk-prone equipment with location intelligence, this AI-powered CEM tool helps improve the overall performance of tools and parts of equipment.
Irrespective of location of the assets, employees or maintenance, engineers can utilize Zapoj from one single location to harness the power of location intelligence technology to accurately detect data and display them on a dashboard in real-time for timely maintenance and Incident based issue handling.

Supply Chain Disruption Handling

Leaders in the oil and gas industries also have learned about the growing vulnerabilities to supply chain operations. Rather than watching the risk continue growing, they understand that supply chain resilience is key to meeting the global demand. For supply chain resiliency, leaders need situational awareness combined with the power of location intelligence that easily allows harnessing data to achieve contexts and gain improved decision-making capabilities.

Regardless of the location of the emergency response teams - where they are and what the time is in the location, Zapoj escalates emergency notifications to any device the emergency team utilizes with proper message templates.
With Zapoj’s Visual risk intelligence, Oil and Gas leaders can find patterns and trends in supply chain risks and enhance ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency for risk mitigation.
Foresee critical factors on how disasters impact or slow ship movement or logistics movement on the land. Based on the findings in real-time, they can predict events likely to occur and reduce their probable risks.
Supply Chain Disruption Handling

Prevent Facility Disruptions

Oil & gas operations are extremely complicated which exposes their leaders to more and more operational failures that they need to recognize ahead of time and manage better. AI-powered Zapoj CEM capabilities and competencies, helps leaders identify bottlenecks in facility disruptions and helps in making decisions to mitigate the same.

Prevent Facility Disruptions
Building geospatial layers of facility structure with Zapoj that include datasets of particular sections or the entire location of critical departments reduces the time to locate risk zones and provides resourceful and impactful decisions to help mitigate damage.
Zapoj automates digital workflows to unify activities and get contextual information for a particular incident handling. The workflows escalate until received by the respected individual and closed after the incident is addressed.
Zapoj’s Location intelligence captures data that communicate about the exact location of the asset susceptible to damage, spotting trends and revealing risk factors in the facility zone.

Ensure Employee Safety in Oil and Gas

Failure to establish a safe environment for workers also means government penalty or disruption of work until the matter is resolved. Using a CEM tool such as Zapoj which harnesses AI capabilities to manage emergency response is deemed fit to help leaders keep track of every critical incident or future incident, encouraging growth and expansion for the oil and gas industry.

Any critical threat occurring across upstream, midstream, or downstream locations can be avoided using robust risk intelligence. Zapoj pinpoints in various ways that could pose a serious threat to properties, assets, and people.
Pre-configured and automated messaging can be used in the emergency notification system when Zapoj CEM detects vulnerabilities like an explosion or chemical exposures. The flexibility of automation makes sure that information reaches at the right time as and when needed without causing information fatigue.
The ability to analyze risk on a regular basis in identifying hazards is a reliable solution to assess various indicators of failure. Zapoj makes risk assessment easier with its enhanced capability of audits and analytics.
The frequent tracking of health and safety risks can reveal indicators, which suggests better methods to handle risk to employee safety.
Ensure Employee Safety in Oil and Gas

Mitigate IT System Failure

IT alerting, workflows, and rapid communications are the need of the hour for the oil and gas industry in digital transformation. As the industry needs to integrate it’s IT systems, it can focus on a few important requirements- interoperability, risk analysis, and coordination. To improve the exploration, development, and production, Zapoj provides robust IT system support to enable an IT architecture to work incessantly with all the needed tools.

Mitigate IT System Failure
Zapoj expands its geospatial capabilities, enhancing the tracing efforts in identifying the particular IT system susceptible to risks or impacts of the critical events ahead of time. As leaders can predict IT incident threats and populate automated IT alerting, they can help launch accelerated recovery efforts.
By reducing heavy responsibilities from the entire IT team, Zapoj targets only the person in charge of mitigating the IT incident event, improving productivity, and Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR).
Combining all necessary after-action reporting for audits, leaders in the oil and gas industry can drive strategic value to their operational processes and have improved action plans ready to achieve the targeted results.

Zapoj for Oil & Gas Industry

Zapoj with its powerful technology that includes location technology and visual risk intelligence help oil and gas companies utilize crisis communication in a better way so that leaders of the industry can improve decision making before, during, and after critical events and increase their ability to achieve operational efficiency. Get your demo today and experience ease of business.

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