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Critical Event Management

Manage critical events that impact your business operations

With built-in AI-powered Visual Risk Intelligence, critical event workflows and incident communications improve the response team's productivity and crisis communications, thereby efficiently maintaining business continuity

Critical events

How does Zsuite help?

Zsuite AI-powered risk intelligence continuously mines worldwide risks events, filters out the noise of irrelevant and overwhelming critical event data, gives you the information you need, when you need it most, with pinpoint accuracy and visibility into facilities or people or supply chains impacted. Further it provides Incident management and critical communications to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.

Visual Risk Intelligence

Get a common operating picture of critical events that impacted or may impact your organization assets

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Situation awareness

Quick situation assessment of any external or internal critical risks that your organization assets going through using Zapoj's Visual common operating picture

Threat alerts

Automated alert generation by Zapoj's risk intelligence whenever a risk is detected near an asset or employee location

Risk events feeds

Risk intelligence data from over 100 different sources to provide a comprehensive view of worldwide ongoing risks

Supply chain tracking

Track your supply chain in real time and detect critical events that impact your supply chain based on location and context

Covid zones

Identify the spread of infectious diseases based on geographic location and exposure of your assets

Weather radar

Real-time tracking or forecasting of storms, air quality, and pollution levels for your organization-specific geographic zones to help better prepare for the impact

Incident Management

Ready to launch workflows with response teams, standard operating procedures, and communication paths.Analytics to identify gaps and improve mean time between failures

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On-call schedules and escalations

Built-in workflow Intelligence to reduce errors. Highly customizable incident templates centric to a given business to meet their needs and verticals.

On-call schedules and escalations

Alert only staff who is on duty or on-call. Bring responders, stakeholders, on to the common page during Incidents

Multi model alerting paths

Two-way communications on multiple channels like SMS, email, voice call, chatops to alert and send instructions to response teams

Response team collaborations

Digital workspaces for response teams to communicate and collaborate using Chat, Web Conferences, Secure file share drives and tasks to track the progress of incident resolution

Incident analytics

Incident post mortem analysis on SLA’s like MTTA, MTTR, and overall MTBF. Analyze business continuity processes or procedure gaps and areas to improve.

Role-based access and auditing

Role-based access permissions, compliance audit reports on who got alerted, when they responded, and on notes from incident operators.

IT event management

Automated IT incident response team activations for your always-on processes and services

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IT event management

Deduplicate all alerts from monitoring tools. Reduce noise from alerts using event intelligence and launch response teams when needed.

Incident workflows

Highly customizable workflow templates to handle ITIL business processes and services. Reduces unwanted errors while under stressful conditions.

On-call management and escalations

Plan on-call staffing schedules. Alert only staff who is on duty or on-call. Escalations based on SLA times.


Leverage existing Monitoring and ITSM tools, integrate with Zsuite with the click of a button.

response team

Digital workspaces for response teams to communicate and collaborate using Chat, Web Conferences, Secure file share drives and tasks to track the progress of incident resolution.

Incident analytics

Alert analytics, Alert-to-Incident conversion analysis, response teams performance evaluations, and other key metrics like MTTA, MTTR, and MTBF.

Mass communications

A comprehensive notification solution to keep your contacts informed before, during, and after major critical events

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Message Template

Custom feature-rich message template to deliver the message on an omnichannel platform.

Notification template

Reusable and customizable workflow templates to meet the demands of various departments in an organization.

Location awareness

Geo-targeted messages based on the specific geographic location of the target contact.

Geo-Zones and context-aware

Draw zones with custom polygon shapes and deliver messages only when a specific contact enters defined custom zones.

Omni channel communications

Target the contact, not a device. Deliver messages via SMS, email, voice calls, and Social media based on target contact preference or operator broadcast settings.


Generate reports on who received messages, on what device, the delivered time, and the confirmation time for compliance needs.


Integrate with your SaaS apps using Zsuite's pre-built integration workflows without a single line of code.

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No-Code Integrations

Form-based flow designer workflows to integrate your favorite SaaS application in no time.

Developer APIs

Zsuite APIs allow you to integrate complex services with Zsuite services to go beyond the integrations we provide.

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