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CEM for People & Life Safety

Connect your people with real-time MNS anywhere and anytime when they are in harm’s way or working through a crisis. Locate, communicate, and protect them with contextual information derived through visual risk intelligence and location-aware technology.

People & Life Safety

Duty of Care for each and every critical event

Meet your duty of care responsibilities to support your employee safety objectives for growth. Leverage the end-to-end CEM solutions that improve real-time crisis communications and notifications in minimizing impacts to operations.

  • Real-time employee monitoring everywhere and anywhere
  • Interoperability and connectivity for employees and stakeholders
  • Location-detection for remote, onsite, travelers, and field workers
  • A single glass of pane to identify employee health and life risk
  • Worker safety and wellbeing compliance
Duty of Care
Employee engagement and retention

Employee engagement and retention

Empower your employees with the power of coordinated and centralized crisis communication that allows them to learn, adapt, respond, and act in crisis situations- increasing their reliability and trust in workplace safety and security.

  • Smart contact center improves employee outreach
  • IT alerting and emergency communication
  • Location-intelligence for real-time employee traceability
  • On-call schedules and task management
  • Fast incident remediation with workflow orchestration

Covid 19 recovery and wellness checks

Get the COVID-19 risk out of the reach of your employees to encourage a safe return to work. Utilizing location intelligence and visual risk intelligence improves decision-making to locate, trace and keep your people safe.

  • A single pane of glass improves data visibility
  • Smart contact database for contact tracing
  • Vaccination distribution management
  • Wellness checks and real-time health status
  • Social distancing and space optimization
Covid 19 recovery

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