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CEM for Healthcare

Give healthcare a one-of-a-kind experience that can nurture a safe and reliable treatment for the community. Zapoj CEM’s IoT-driven healthcare solutions reduce cost, provide holistic monitoring for systems and processes 一 to maintain and streamline patient care at scale across complex ecosystem.


Patient convenience and health outcomes

Zapoj CEM helps you deliver better health outcomes by rapidly building reliable and convenient patient experience with data and AI technologies. Using IoT-connectivity, we generate data, disseminate it, and reveal better insights for patient care.

  • Real-time emergency care
  • Remote health monitoring
  • Workflows for the careteam activation
  • Multi-modal patient communication
  • Risk intelligence on disasters
Patient convenience and health outcomes
Infectious disease monitoring and handling

Infectious disease monitoring and handling

Build resiliency into infectious disease tracking and control. Our CEM solution brings data feed to your palm from connected networks 一 that builds visibility into pandemic severity, infection rate 一 and help you discover gaps and challenges for better treatment and infection prevention.

  • Contact tracing, social isolation, and sanitization
  • Visibility into vaccine preservation and storage
  • Cold chain performance enhancement
  • Optimization of global supply chain
  • Waste-prevention & vaccine allocation

Medical equipment and facility reliability

With location intelligence and IoT healthcare solutions, we empower you to enhance long-term and optimal performance and efficiency of the entire range of medical devices and assets, while ensuring resource accessibility to health professionals for the right patient care at all times.

  • Prevention of hazardous and toxic work conditions
  • Inventory tracking and stock management
  • Optimal access to medical resources
  • Real-time equipment monitoring and upkeep
  • Improved coordination between healthcare workers
Medical equipment and facility reliability

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