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Unified digital Critical Event Management and Collaboration Platform for business resilience

Organizations can achieve their mission when all of their business services are resilient to disruptions.

Business services include people, facilities, information and technology. Disruption to any of these impacts business operations . Effective operational management requires harmonization and convergence of these entities working towards the same goals.

Zapoj provides 5 major pillars to achieve business resilience.

Risk Intelligence


Incident communications

Critical Event Management


IT Incident

Communications Collaboration

Communications and Collaborations



advantage with
One Platform

Product SetOne consistent Enterprise multi-problem and use case suitePoint Solutions
Implementation scope Multi-VerticalLargely vertical specific
Context, Location & Situational awareness360-degree Visual Situation Awareness and Common Operating Picture of all enterprise business servicesStatic data, Rigid rules, lack of Situational Awareness and common operating picture
ProductivityUnified platformOver ahead of integrations, resources and operation administration
Ease of Use Single platform interface, personalized by roles, audits, integrated Communications and collaborationsMultiple Product UI's
Model SAAS based subscription, Multiple plans based on total ContactsSAAS based and license based
Starts at
per month per employee
Starts at
per month per employee

The Power of One Platform

  • AI Powered Common Operating Picture
  • Cloud Offering
  • Multi Channel Communications
  • Multi Use Case Solutions
  • Cost Reduction
  • Superior Integration

Take the first step towards improving Business Resilience.