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CEM for Smart Cities

Leverage the IoT extension module in Zapoj CEM to efficiently gain smart city solutions through robust integration into sensors, data, and connectivity 一 giving you unmatched visibility into city operations 一 and to promote safety, security, and resilience for your people, assets, and service management.

Smart Cities

Public alerting for community safety

Get powerful data analytics capabilities from our CEM for smart city IoT solutions. Spot patterns and determine scenarios specific to critical events like floods or pandemics 一 allowing for optimized application of an emergency response system that helps keep your people protected.

  • Centralized and unified system to combine data
  • Information consistency and rumor-control
  • Situational awareness and real-time data analytics
  • Visualization of city-wide critical events
  • Multi-channel public emergency alerts
Public alerting for community safety
Sensor-based incident response automation

Sensor-based incident response automation

Reduce Mean Time to Respond and React (MTTR/MTTR) with the ability to set the right team up for mitigating risk to people’s life and security, and corporate or public properties by automating IoT-connected incident response tools.

  • Service management monitoring
  • Incident communication through workflows
  • Effectiveness of on-call schedule management
  • Predictive analytics and location intelligence
  • Rapid maintenance of properties and life security

Mobility management and solutions

Build a smart city that brings efficiency and performance into challenges added by the urban population growth. Our IoT solutions inside of Zapoj CEM help governments and private authorities reduce mobility-associated challenges 一 including parking management, traffic congestion, people security, and more.

  • Real-time public transportation planning
  • Better optimization of parking spaces
  • Sensor-driven alerts for route optimization
  • Less traffic congestion & carbon emissions
  • Improved tax collection & smart governance
Mobility management and solutions

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