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Availability, Scalability, Redundancy and Security are the foundations for Zapoj Platform

Zapoj Platform is hardened to provide availability, scalability, redundancy, real-time communications and collaborations to lower the risk of a service degradation during a critical event response.

Technology at Zapoj

Technology that drives Zapoj



Location _Awareness

Context and Location


Communication Engine


High availability
and scalability

Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered risk intelligence built using proven deep learning-based NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms to continuously monitor structured and unstructured data from social media, local and regional news, sensor networks, government resources, and proprietary data feeds. The engine is good at quickly understanding the type of risk event, severity, location, and other details relevant to your business and confidently predicts the time, location and risk threat of a critical event to occur.


Context and location-aware communications

In today’s mobile world, 80% of employees work outside of their office at least part of the time or most of the week. Taking advantage of context & location awareness, Zapoj can send critical notifications using multi-factor location determination based on where people actually are, not just based on their office or home location. You can accurately pinpoint an incident and map the accurate display of employee's current locations who might get impacted by continuously cross-checking data from HR systems, and smartphones, among other sources.


GIS-based message targeting

Send messages to recipients in a specific geographic region
Specify target locations with user-friendly drawing tools, or even upload shape files
Search for, view the locations of, and send alerts to specific contact types
Load, geo-code, and manage contact data all from a single interface in real-time

Multi-Modal communication engine

Zapoj's flexible architecture provides resiliency and lowers the risk of degradation and cascading failures. Scaled to deal with unexpected peaks and handle Email, global SMS, Voice Call, Real-time Chat, Web conferences and Social Media delivery services on a redundant multi-node distributed architecture.

Zapoj’s Communication Engine takes advantage of a new, innovative back-end architecture that enhances the efficiency of initiating and broadcasting a message on multi-modal communication paths with context and location awareness features. The new engine also continues the company’s focus on making its applications more dynamically location-aware.

With Zapoj communication engine, messages can be broadcasted based on the specific prescribed distance of geographical zones or Incident zones followed by continuous notifications for a specified time duration on the listed communication devices of the affected people.

Zapoj communication engine utilizes redundant multiple SMS, Voice Call aggregators to deliver notifications around the globe.


High Availability & Scalability

High availability & scalability at Zapoj is guaranteed with an underlying multi- cloud deployment architecture spread across globally to ensure a 99.99% transactional uptime. Organized in a way to provide geo-redundancy with 24×7 system testing and monitoring managed by NOC and customer support teams.


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