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Gain common operating picture and situation awareness of assets, threat and context

Visual Risk Intelligence helps visualize and orchestrate critical events and assets. When a risk is detected near an asset or employee location, Risk Intelligence automatically generates an alert and provides tools to discover and take immediate action to mitigate the impact. This empowers your team to know early, know the Situation to take action.


Optimize business resiliency with visual common operating picture


Integrate data from internal and external sources to gain situational clarity.

Understand who or what could be impacted with just a few clicks in your browser.

Configurable alerts let you know when risks have the potential to harm your employees, facilities, or supply chain.

Take effective and efficient action with the tools and information you need at your fingertips.

Comprehensive risk intelligence with high accuracy

Find covid cases in real-time. Alert and protect your employees on the ground with timely information.

Forecast weather-related emergencies and identify weather-dependent business assets that might get impacted. Activate and accelerate response teams early to reduce loss or minimize damages.

Stop manually combing through news and data feeds for tracking storms. Locate assets and people who might come across the storm's pathway while emergency events are still in the developing phase.


Real-time asset tracking and establishing ground truth


Find, track assets, and get turn by turn navigation to safe places. Save frequently navigated routes and receive risk alerts any time, anywhere.

Visually identify and assess risks that disrupt supply chain operations. Plan carefully to mitigate and minimize exposure to risks and even eliminate the impact of risk events.

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