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CEM for Supply Chain Resilience

Visualize every pathway leading to global supply chain operating sites to improve performance. Monitor with a visual command center and gain enhanced threat analytics from IoT-sourced data - to identify and prevent supply chain resilience in real-time.

supply chain resilience

Real-time tracking

End-to-end supply visibility brings together every touch point close to stakeholders, suppliers, and third-parties that help drive greater efficiency and effectiveness for complex and interconnected operations with the ability to communicate and react through MNS.

  • Common operating picture across supply routes
  • Predictive analytics to identify threat landscape
  • Real-time alerts based on hazard and climate data
  • Coordinated response to optimize logistics routes
  • Supply chain continuity with data-driven decisions
Real-time tracking
Automate threat identification

Automate threat identification

Automate intelligent workflows to improve response, efficiency, and insights. Take full control over its escalation process by integrating with disparate supply chain machines, assets, people, and processes - to build a shared view and enhance supply chain and field operations.

  • Smart contact center improves employee outreach
  • IT alerting and emergency communication
  • Location-intelligence for real-time employee traceability
  • On-call schedules and task management
  • Fast incident remediation with workflow orchestration

Make supply chain resilient

Monitor global supply chain resilience to extreme weather, man-made disasters, or labor unrest using visual risk intelligence and smart geographic information systems or maps. Identify evolving event conditions in real-time to allocate better with resources - and to mitigate impacts to supply chain disruptions.

  • Predict threat across borders, ports, and sea
  • Derive data from IoT-powered logistics trucks
  • Gain situational awareness and advanced data analytics
  • Understand potential impacts across all networks
  • Get emergency alerts when disruptions occur
Make supply chain resilient

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