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Critical incident management for a changing world

Custom-built Incident workflow templates designed to work with response teams, standard operating procedures, and communication paths in an emergency to react, understand, and respond to incidents.

Incident Management and alerting

Reinvent the way you respond to critical incidents


Build custom incident templates for your unique business needs and verticals. Automation reduces errors and improves workflow intelligence.

Form target response teams either from contact groups, on-call schedules, Geo-target zones, Individual names, or any combination of former options.

Keep all stakeholders on a common page and deliver messages based on their roles and access policies. One integrated platform for connectivity among stakeholders, employees, and team responders.

Replace inaccurate, high maintenance spreadsheets with easy-to-manage on-call schedules, groups, rotations, and escalations across devices for targeted alerts.

Automatically identify, locate and alert

Automatically identifies response teams and sends alerts based on their on-call roles and foolproof escalation based incident priorities.

Automatically identifies the preferred contact path of the response team member. In case of no response, continues to deliver alerts on all redundant contact paths until a member acknowledges.

Allows launching multiple phases to alert or update various response teams and keeps track of messages delivered and their timelines.


Reporting, compliance and role-based access


Insights and visibility at microscope depth and telescope breadth to gain complete information on how an incident was handled.

Gain insight into areas of success and opportunities for improvement. Use powerful reporting and analytics to reveal the source of the incident, your team’s performance in acknowledging and resolving, and the distribution of on-call workloads.

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