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Provide quality healthcare while protecting patients, staff, and clinical systems

Improve responses to Healthcare critical events ranging from patient emergencies like stroke and STEMI to environmental emergencies such as chemical spills.

Expedite Healthcare Team Response

Faster response team activations and engagements

Whether responding to a non-emergent daily clinical case or a high-acuity case, care providers are typically challenged with faster response team activation and as well delivering quality patient care in less than no time while meeting compliance standards and patient expectations. At times when even seconds matter, quite often patient lives depend on a coordinated real-time response typically involving multiple clinical stakeholders across multiple hospital sites. ZSuite CEM comes to the rescue with proper coordination and efficient emergency communications to help hospitals reduce team response times and improve patient outcomes.

Faster response team
patient care

Patient care first communications

ZSuite brings clinical stakeholders together with a hospital emergency preparedness plan to quickly diagnose and prepare treatment even before the arrival of the patient at the hospital. By using Chat rooms, Video or Call conferencing, and storage drives to keep lab images, clinical stakeholders can diagnose the patient, share lab results, and treat the patient. Also, they can quickly send message alerts, coordinate care with clinicians, and speed up patient transfers from the exam room to a lab or even in-patient floors or other facilities. Our end-to-end encrypted messaging system ensures that all patient care communications are compliant.

Engage right care team members at the right time

Engage the right care team members at the right time during the diagnosis and treatment procedures with:

- On-call scheduling
- Care event response escalation
- User messaging for taking on-call shifts
- Automatic shift rotation and assignable shift quotas
- Scheduling integration

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