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Reach the right people, at the right time

Get the most up-to-date information to the right people at the right time across the globe by preference and location.

Threat alerting and crisis automation

Context and location aware alerting to residents, staff or customers

During emergencies, when seconds count, locating your distributed teams and employee travel is a daunting task. ZSuite simplifies the corporate crisis communications and helps organizations quickly locate and communicate with their staff who may be in need of help and maintain a two-way communication through sms or email or chat or video conferencing.

Context and location
Provide Employee safety

Provide Employee safety and security wherever they are

With remote and distributed teams, and travelling executives , traditional physical employee safety measures don’t offer sufficient protection. Zsuite helps businesses and organizations quickly locate and communicate with their people who may be in harm’s way. Uncover potential threats with precise location and comprehensive vehicle tracking. Empower your security team with the information they need to protect your travelling executives and remote employees in a coordinated and timely manner.

Manage crisis with confidence

During crisis situations like adverse weather, natural disasters, health and safety incidents, civil unrest or product recalls, maintaining command and control over the crisis activities is the utmost challenge. Zapoj products optimize your responses to a critical event by orchestrating all crisis activities, teams, resources, and communications in one application. All stakeholders any one from responders in the field to the executives in the boardroom can work now on a Zsuite's Visual common operating picture and get ground level attention to detail status on mission-critical activities in real time.

Manage crisis with confidence

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