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CEM for Digital Operations

Achieve holistic monitoring in a way that keeps your dispersed IT systems on the same platform ― while ensuring safety and security with the best support of risk intelligence, automated workflows, and integrated IT alerting and response ― to rapidly prevent impacts.

Digital Operations

Major incident management

Turn unpredictable IT incidents into an easy-to-detect practice for your business operations so that major incidents ― malware attacks, breakdown of IT systems, or service outages occur less frequently by leveraging automated response capabilities.

  • ITSM integration supports smart orchestration of workflows
  • Coordinated response through a conference bridge
  • Rapid collaboration through two-way messaging on any device
  • Real-time decision making with stakeholder insights
  • Root cause incident analysis for future preparedness
Major incident management
Application and infrastructure disruptions

Application and infrastructure disruptions

Empower your DevOps and ITOps teams ― to help them achieve their innovation objectives using end-to-end visibility across on-prem, cloud, and hybrid IT infrastructure. With real-time IT health metrics, your team deploys and scales faster.

  • On-call schedules increase mean time between loss of sleep
  • No alert fatigue and real-time message context
  • Machine learning-based response automation
  • Rapid identification of high-priority issues
  • Automated workflows for faster resolution

Cybersecurity response & resilience

With cybersecurity resilience, your business continuity plans can become more agile and flexible. Get prepared with a critical event management tool to streamline and automate response to cybersecurity attacks or breaches.

  • Gain situational awareness into security anomalies
  • Reduced MTTR for cyberattacks
  • Rapid orchestration of IT alerts
  • Continuous service improvement with analytics
  • Uninterrupted IT services with quick threat remediation
Cybersecurity response & resilience
IT security operations

IT security operations

Using Zapoj CEM makes safety and security of IT operations robust and powerful for Security Ops that can facilitate real-time cross-functional team collaboration and rapid response ― to combat threat to cloud security, application security and a massive scattered tools.

  • Consistent and contextual awareness of IT vulnerabilities
  • Rapid feedback from security team through IT alerting
  • Fast on-call support through digital workflows
  • Real-time status updates and closure of tickets
  • Audit history for incident management improvement

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