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Automate IT incident response for ALWAYS-ON processes and services

Eliminate noise and activate IT response teams when needed

With fully automated Incident response workflows, businesses can minimize downtime, accelerate incident resolution and reduce the pain out of on-call IT Engineers by establishing communications, collaborations, and orchestrations.

Automate IT incident

End to end IT incident management with a common operating picture

Zsuite IT event management service enables businesses to glue and connect DevOps, ITOps, SecOps, Operators, and Stakeholders even in the toughest of IT outage situations. With ChatOps and Virtual war rooms, on-call teams across organizations can communicate and collaborate to lower costs by reducing additional inbound customer calls/tickets during major service incidents and critical security events. Leverage existing ITSM and monitoring tools to integrate with ZSuite IT event management to get a common operating picture and situation awareness of enterprise-wide IT or cybersecurity incidents.

nd to end IT incident management
Event intelligence

Event intelligence and on-call management

Make use of advanced machine learning techniques or rule-based approaches to automatically cluster out related IT events across multiple systems into a single incident. Assign it to relevant on-call teams to cut through the time, speed up the escalation and response process thereby suppressing and separating the noise of non-actionable events.

Insights and visibility into always-on services

Rich user interactive self-service analytics empower organizations with smarter real-time decision making. Presented with a holistic view of the origin of incidents, any services impacted, the teams involved, and the corresponding actions to be taken to remediate the issues. Identifies the roadblocks and bottlenecks that impact MTTR and ensures that important follow-up tasks are completed.

Insights and visibility

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