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Remote work is more productive and fun than ever

With built-in enterprise communication and collaboration tools, Zapoj Workspaces offers employees a unique experience virtually from anywhere in the world

Virtual office for teams
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How does workspaces work?

Engineered to provide a world-class experience, Workspaces amalgamates all necessary communication and collaboration features securely for everyone from members, teams to public, private or cross-organizational channels. Along with a suite of features like audio-video conferences, chat, calendar, file sharing Workspaces brings Task management activities under the same roof to bring even more purpose to all daily communications.


No app switching, everything your team needs in one place

Team Collaboration Hub

You have more meaningful interactions as a Team with real time messaging gets immediate answers to questions.


Common drive for team files, easily shareable among team members. Manage all your team content.


Invite your team to a Virtual Conference room, share your screen, capture ideas, speed up your communications.


Shared Team Calendar to track tasks, events, Shifts and Events. A superior planner tool for all your Teams.


Teams and projects are better together. Kanban or Scrum boards get your team the most efficient means.


Moderate and control who is and isn’t allowed to share a file. Create Tasks, Upload content and manage schedules.


Cross team, fun and read only conversations

Team Collaboration Hub

Save on time and energy bypassing irrelevant and unnecessary emails. Organize channels to announce organizational goals or important announcements to all employees at once.


Fun or exciting public conversations for anyone in the company can join or search.


Cross teams Confidential or Sensitive conversations or searches with only invited members.


Built for virtual office

Team Collaboration Hub
Direct messages

A quick conversation begins with a direct message with a colleague or friend. Search for or Pin important messages for future references.

Personal drive

No matter what you store in drive - all of your files are easily shareable among other members in the organization. Just select and share.


Be mindful of tasks, events, appointments, and video meetings in Calendar- a superior reminder tool for all your work.


A quick conversation begins with a direct message with a colleague or friend. Search for or Pin important messages for future references.

instant groups

Within chat, just click and start your audio or video calls. Also, share screens to have more clarity on complex topics.


Comprehensive and Enterprise Grade Protection

Team Collaboration Hub
Multi authentication

Require users to provide additional forms of verification to prove their identity, helping protect their accounts from attacks that take advantage of weak or stolen passwords.

Role based access

Granular Role based access control to manage Workspaces, Teams and Channels.

Data encryption

Workspaces encrypts data in transit and at rest and uses Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) for video, audio, files, chat, and desktop sharing.


Any time, anywhere and any device

Team Collaboration Hub
Web app

Benefit from the availability of Zapoj workspaces through your favorite browsers ( Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox.

Mobile app

iPhone or Android, the Workspaces app is designed to work seamlessly on any mobile platform offering similar experiences.

Desktop app

Experience the team collaboration hub from a variety of desktop apps. Download on to macOS, Windows, or Ubuntu.

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